LSOH Glands

LSOH Glands

With an increase in the amount of cable installed in residential, commercial, industrial, public buildings, metro rail tunnels and underground mining operations, the specification of Low Smoke Zero Halogen LSOH cables and accessories is increasingly becoming a mandatory requirement.

During a fire, LSOH cables will emit less optically dense smoke which makes exiting a space easier for its occupants as well as increasing visibility during firefighting and rescue operations.

With zero halogen cables, the chance of toxic gases accumulating which are life-threatening to people and corrosive to computer-controlled systems is significantly reduced.

In order to match the LSOH characteristics of the cable, it is necessary for the seals, gaskets and shrouds of cable glands to perform to the same LSOH standards of the cables.

CCG has a full range of LSOH cable glands and shrouds which have been tested and certified to EN 45545-2 and IEC 61034-2 – low smoke and IEC 60754-2 – halogen-free standards.

CCG’s LSOH range of cable glands and shrouds meet the London underground fire safety standards and as such are have the London underground approval number LU-3043.

HOMELSOH Gland Range

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